Strategies for Change

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The 7 P's of Change Communication Planning

Many transformational change initiatives fail due to poor communication planning. Here are seven steps to help organizations move change communication from afterthought to strategic driver. Start by asking the right questions.

Change Communication

Successful digital transformation and change management is built on strategic communications. Our Crossflow program helps move communication from afterthought to strategic driver of change. We work with you to plan and position change, coach leaders, engage stakeholders, create content, and measure success.   

Strategic Communications

From planning and positioning to messaging and engaging, we provide senior-level strategy to help you drive critical communications initiatives, manage issues, launch products, and engage stakeholders. 

Marketing Strategy

Are you looking to start or update your marketing efforts with new approaches, innovative thinking and operational excellence? Oversea can help you with planning service, strategic counsel, branding and project leadership.

Content Creation

Whether you need to bring your brand story to life, engage your stakeholders, manage a change initiative or drive thought leadership, creating the right content for the right audience at the right time matters. Oversea can help you develop quality content for all of your social, digital and traditional channels.


Strategic Planning

We develop marketing and communications plans, from content marketing and stakeholder relations to public relations and change communications.

Positioning & Messaging

Oversea works with clients to position products, services, issues or initiatives in ways that people understand while triggering action.

Brand & Visual Storytelling

We help clients bring their brand story to life and engage their target audiences with adaptable, visual content.

Workshops & Coaching

Oversea offers workshops, training sessions and coaching for presentation skills, interview situations, storytelling and positioning exercises.

Business Consulting

Oversea provides custom consulting services to organizations looking to modernize and transform their marketing and communications functions.

Thought Leadership

We work with executives and subject matter experts to elevate their unique perspectives through social, digital and traditional channels.

Content Strategy

Oversea helps with content strategy creation for change communication, thought leadership, brand storytelling and other scenarios.

Editorial Services

We provide editorial services for articles, ebooks, presentations, digital content and speeches. We also develop infodesign concepts and write video scripts.

Effective internal communication during a crisis

In a crisis situation, communications needs to shift to a high-touch approach with the right cadence of engagement, organized by priorities. In my article, I outline four suggestions to help make your crisis communication as effective as possible.


Martin Hofmann is a senior communications and marketing strategist with 25 years of business and public sector experience. He started strategic communications consultancy Oversea Strategies in 2012. 

Based in Toronto, Martin has overseen integrated communications and marketing projects in North America and Europe. After directing large teams for marketing communications agencies and within the Ontario government, Martin co-founded creative content agency and video studio Big Red Oak. He has planned the communication of different types of change and led transformational initiatives.